Hello. We’re excited about bringing The Future of Web Design back to NYC in November. The lineup of speakers is packed with designers you respect, love and trust. We’ve also got plenty of parties where you can meet new friends. Here’s a sampling of what you’ll learn …

  • What is the future of web design?
  • How to take advantage of jQuery and other JavaScript libraries for your design
  • The future of web app interface design
  • Educating clients to say yes
  • How to create beautiful websites that stand out from the crowd
  • The future of web typography

Многообещающая конференция, будем с нетерпением ждать её отрытия. Пройдёт она 3-4 ноября в Нью Йорке…, а пока читаем материал с официального сайта – www.futureofwebdesign.com

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